Autumn Colors Eco Printed Silk Scarf


Autumn Colors Eco Printed Silk Scarf

This scarf is a one of a kind, 100% silk work of art, created with eco printing. A mineral wash with Titanium Oxalate gives it the golden hues, with Maple, Oak, Catalpa and Birch leaves printing their pigments onto the fabric as a permanent natural dye.

Eco printing is  a unique process that paints nature’s colors from leaves or flowers directly onto fabric or paper. This is a multi-step process, with artistic expression in each step. It begins with the preparation of the fabric with a mineral solution, which changes the color palette.  The choice and composition of the leaves, the method of wrapping, and the steaming of the bundle all change the look of the printing, resulting in an absolutely unique piece.

A scarf makes an excellent gift, and the natural colors of this silk scarf make it appropriate for both men and women. For those who feel uncomfortable with wearing scarves, this piece of art can easily be hung on a wall as a tapestry, or used as a very special gift wrap that is a gift in itself.

Care of naturally dyed silk is simple: It can be hand washed in warm water with a little soap, rinsed, and dried flat. If you prefer a very smooth look, it can be ironed dry with a low iron. You can even wash it in a regular clothes washer, but be careful not to wash it with zippers or hooks that might snag or damage your scarf. Detergents for machines can be harsh, so expect some color fading if you wash it this way frequently.

If you’re hanging silk as a wall decoration, avoid placing it where there is direct sunlight. It will fade the natural dyes quickly, and UV can damage the silk fiber.

If you would like to know more about the eco printing process, check out these articles, Introduction to Eco Printing  or  How to Eco Print.


Autumn Colors Eco Printed Silk Scarf $70.00

68″ x 8″

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