“Dry Lightning” Illuminated Sculpture


“Dry Lightning” Illuminated Sculpture



“Dry Lightning,” $700

51″ long x 21″ wide x 7″ deep

“Dry Lightning” is an illuminated sculpture for the wall, 51″ long x 21″ wide x 7″ deep. It is made from an oak wood stem carefully sanded and oiled.  All wood in my sculptures are from fallen deadwood; I never take from a living tree!  Paper, glue, and reed are used to create the translucent sculpture.  It is beautiful unlit, but when the lights are on, the papier-mâché takes on a warm glow.  This piece can be hung upright, sideways, or at an angle.

The term “dry lightning” is one familiar to every resident of the Western United States. Lightning comes during the summer, without a drop of water to put out the dangerous fires the lightning bolts start in the dry forests of the West. It often comes as a spectacular light show in the evening, unshadowed by clouds, filling the sky with gorgeous but potentially deadly flashes of light.

Free shipping within the continental United States is included in the price. Customers interested who are from Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the US, please contact me directly at Kelley@homegrownartworks.com so we can work out shipping costs for your needs.

Please allow up to two weeks for me to process your order before shipping. I often have to create a box for mailing these odd-sized sculptures. I also add a couple of layers of polyurethane to the surface of the lamp, to protect it from humidity, transporting from dry Colorado to more humid areas.


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