OOAK Eco Print Oak and Maple


OOAK Eco Print Oak and Maple Leaves, Framed 8.25″ x 6.25″


OOAK Original artwork eco print made with Oak and Maple tree leaves simmered in a logwood dye bath.

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These are not “prints” in the sense that they are reproduced artwork. They are each unique, original artwork. Prints made with the same type of leaves may look similar, but the nature of this eco printing process means that prints cannot be duplicated. Like snowflakes, every leaf is a little bit different than the next. The time of year the leaf was collected, the type of soil where the plant was growing, minerals in the water bath when it was steamed, the type of mordant used (if any), and the other leaves in the dyebath all affect the results of the prints. There seems to be some personal magic in the mix, as well; sometimes I have noted that my prints tend to reflect my mood when I placed the leaves. Personal energy certainly affects my compositional choices. With all the variables, about one in twenty prints I create is suitable for framing.

8.25″ x 6.25″ Framed. Free shipping. US customers only.


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