“Westerly” Illuminated Sculpture


“Westerly” Illuminated Sculpture


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“Westerly,” $450.00

21″ long x 15″ wide x 15″ high

This illuminated sculpture was made with a desert driftwood base, probably from a cottonwood tree. This remarkable piece of wood was shaped by the elements over many years of exposure, creating a unique shape and patina. Quartz crystals have been added, to catch the light and to add a cleansing aura to the piece.

The translucent shell was created with a basketry reed skeleton and covered with many layers of papier-mâché, then finished with multiple layers of polyurethane matte finish to protect it from dust and humidity.

The bulb is an LED, which stays cool, and it should last for a very long time before it needs replacing. When you do replace it, be sure to use an LED (NOT incandescent) bulb.

To clean, use a vacuum and a dusting cloth, or canned air. Although there is a finish on the surface to help keep the paper safe, it is not waterproof and must not get wet. Please keep it indoors only.

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