About the Artist

Hi! I’m Kelley Buck Adams. I’m an eclectic artist living in colorful Colorado. I am inspired every day by the splendor around me at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. My artwork reflects the leaves, trees, sky and stone that surround me. I want to help you see and hold the beautiful spark I find at the heart of every stick, leaf, or stone I find.

“I’m sorry, honey, I brought home another stick!”

– me, often.

“Look at all the different oak leaves! All these different shapes were in the gutter downtown where I parked! How cool is that?”

– also me

Here on HomegrownArtworks.com, you’ll find sculptures, jewelry, garments, and accessories created in a huge variety of artistic media. Many of my techniques are based on traditional craft skills, but are combined and enhanced to carry crafting into the realm of art. I hope you find something you love, or would love to give!